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Steven Ormerod Limited Edition Prints

Born in Burnley in 1966, Stephen went to his local school and quickly developed an interest in art. He continued his studies in art at Nelson and Colne College and subsequently at The University of Central Lancashire where he chose to study "3" Dimensional Art culminating in his degree.

The early part of Stephen's career was spent developing his skills, mainly illustrating with the occasional commission including one for thirty-two animal portraits.

Stephen has taught art for the last fifteen years, passing on his skills and knowledge to students and aspiring artists. ".............I find passing on my own experiences as an artist very rewarding".

Having changed his approach to how he develops each painting, Stephen is more intent on exploring the subject and materials he uses. The result has been very exciting. His work has most certainly taken on a refreshingly new look.
The new look inspired Stephen's first solo exhibition of 24 pieces in September 2000. The exhibition was very successful, selling eleven pieces on the preview night and a further seven over the weeks to follow.

The exhibition launched Stephen as a professional artist and he has never looked back. His work is now available as limited edition fine art giclee prints.
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