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Off Roaders - Springer Spaniels

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Off Roaders
Release date: January 2012

A single limited edition print of 50 copies only

Image size: 460mm x 510mm

It's May. The grass is springing high and the bracken fronds are still unfurling but despite the early sunshine there's a chill in the air. Having been disembarked from the relative comfort of their master's Land Rover, these two wonderful Springers have found a nice warm spot to await the start of their expedition.

This is Tom (black and white) and Sam, two very handsome English Springers. I have often been taken to task over my lack of published images depicting black and white Springers. In my defence, I have produced a number but obviously not enough!! I hope this helps to redress the balance.

My thanks to Gary, the dogs" owner.



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