Wild Rovers

The Wild Rovers

Release date: October 2003

A single limited edition of 495 copies only

Image size: 480mm x 380mm

It is late August and the heather bloom tinges the grouse moor purple and blue. Three wonderful Black Labs wait eagerly at their masters Land Rover. The two younger dogs pant in excitement and anticipation, whilst their older companion - more experienced and having been there many times before - lies and waits more patiently.

I have, over the past few years, developed a modest reputation for painting Land Rovers. I could include one in many more of my works, but feel that their inclusion has to be justifiable. I have decided, therefore, that this will be the last for a while. Mind you, I said that after publishing Four by Four in 2000 and I've painted at least three since then so who knows!! (Coincidentally, this is the same Land Rover that I used in Four by Four)
Category: Dogs


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