Water Sports - Black Labradors

Water Sports -Black Labradors and Springer Spaniels

Release date: September 2000

Signed open editions

Image size:438mm x 249mm

Water Sports Labradors and Springer Spaniels are two open editions that I have signed to add a little something extra. It has been suggested that by producing open prints, you can run the risk of undermining the integrity of your limited editions. Personally, I do not hold with this theory. An occasional open print or two can "stir the pot" so to speak. Providing the images do not present themselves as the same type that you might produce as a limited edition, I believe that it can introduce potential new collectors to an artists work, but at a more affordable price. Of course you do not get the exclusivity or the investment potential of a limited edition, nevertheless, I hope that you find the images appealing in their own right. After all, you should buy a piece of art work because you like the image, not simply because it may go up in value.