Larger than Life Yellow Spaniel



Release date: October 2008

It's a little difficult to categorise these two new images. To be frank, they were produced originally as promotional works for portraits. To that end, I exhibited the Springer at the CLA Game Fair this year. I must confess, I was overwhelmed by the response to the piece - not only as a portrait, but also its potential as a limited edition print. I then painted the Lab as a companion piece and exhibited this work beside the Springer at the Midland Game Fair in September - with an equally positive response.

As you can see, the images are all face. Not only are they looking directly at the viewer - which itself, I believe, gives them appeal - they are painted a good deal larger than life. Hence the title. I feel this gives them an impact far and beyond life-sized.

The originals are large, 24 inches x 24 inches, and painted on box canvas. When contemplating how to reproduce them, I initially considered printing them on canvas. However, after much deliberation, I decided to stick to what I then knew and published them as paper only. Nevertheless, since their release, I have started producing canvas prints and so they are now available in both formats.

Image size - canvas: 20" x 20"



Frame It!

 Frame 6 W Black 22mm £31.80

 Frame 737 Black 22 mm £34.23

 Frame 06 Shiny White 15mm £38.68

 Frame 323 Gold 23mm £41.32

 Frame 6 White Shiny 22mm £48.39

 Frame 223 Blue 22mm £42.06

 Frame 11 Black 29mm £46.88

 Frame 761 White 24mm £41.00

 Frame 286 Gold 28mm £48.01

 Frame 218 Oak 27mm £44.51

 Frame 233 Gold 33mm £48.74

 Frame 6 Red Shiny 13mm £55.36

 Frame 152 Brown 30mm £53.99

 Frame 384 Brown 30mm £53.99

 Frame 208 Black/Silver 30mm £54.35

 Frame 479 White 43mm £56.52

 Frame 208 Brown/Gold 30mm £54.53

 Frame 208 Black/Gold 30mm £54.71

 Frame 431 Black 34mm £57.01

 Frame 305 Gold 22mm £55.81

 Frame 283 Silver 36mm £60.27

 Frame 216 Oak 38mm £62.22

 Frame 719 Black 47mm £60.73

 Frame 499 Brown 40mm £66.09

 Frame Silver/Cream £77.30

 Frame 500 Brown 37mm £77.50

 No Frame