Larger Than Life West Highland Westie on Canvas


Published: November 2009

Edition size: Artist Proof

Image size

Canvas: 20"x 20"

A Few artist proofs still left

Like Peggerty, this image is based on an actual portrait of our own Berkley Bear, the West Highland Terrier that has, for the last fifteen years, played such a major part in our lives. You can see the actual painting in my portraits brochure link

People who know me through my work often assume that I have Labs at home. Not an unreasonable assumption I suppose. When they discover the truth it usually comes as a surprise. It is difficult to quantify what this little fellow has come to mean to us, and at fifteen years old, we are all acutely aware that he will not be around forever. He has proved to be, despite his size, one of the biggest dogs I have ever known and, although when we first had him I was not particularly fond of little dogs (he was acquired for and has always been Sue's) In no time at all, he had fundamentally changed my opinion.

I cannot expect anyone to feel the same way about him as we do, but I hope you like my rendition of him



Frame It!

 Frame 6 W Black 22mm £40.03

 Frame 06 Shiny White 15mm £41.05

 Frame 737 Black 22 mm £37.19

 Frame 323 Gold 23mm £46.73

 Frame 761 White 24mm £41.00

 Frame 286 Gold 28mm £48.01

 Frame 223 Blue 22mm £47.63

 Frame 6 Red Shiny 13mm £55.36

 Frame 11 Black 29mm £52.94

 Frame 6 White Shiny 22mm £62.24

 Frame 208 Brown/Gold 30mm £58.64

 Frame 208 Black/Silver 30mm £58.64

 Frame 208 Black/Gold 30mm £58.64

 Frame 233 Gold 33mm £60.80

 Frame 479 White 43mm £63.03

 Frame 152 Brown 30mm £61.14

 Frame 305 Gold 22mm £61.06

 Frame 218 Oak 27mm £58.66

 Frame 283 Silver 36mm £68.45

 Frame 499 Brown 40mm £66.09

 Frame 431 Black 34mm £76.88

 Frame 384 Brown 30mm £76.34

 Frame 719 Black 47mm £67.64

 Frame 216 Oak 38mm £78.31

 Frame 500 Brown 37mm £70.36

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