Cocker-The-Woods - Cocker Spaniel


Release date: July 2009

A single limited edition of 95 Giclée copies only

Image size: 16" x 12" paper

In May 2001, I published my first Cocker Spaniel image, Cocker Two. At that time, it seemed appropriate to illustrate both the working and show varieties. This proved a little limiting as those who liked the working breed didn't want the show and visa versa.
This year I have finally got around to painting a working Cocker image, something I have been promising to do ever since the publication of Cocker Two.

Unlike Springers, which just come in liver and white and black and white, Cockers come in what appears to be an infinite variety of colours. I knew that this could be a problem because however well received the finished work might be, the colour that I chose to paint the dog would not suit everyone. I decided upon black with a touch of white, simply because it appeared to be the most popular form from my own experience at shows.

Inevitably, when I launched the new work at the CLA Game Fair this year, I was told that I should have painted the dog this colour or that depending on who I was talking to. Nevertheless, the image was very well received and is selling well.

For the first time also, I have decided to produce the image on canvas as well as paper. The canvas size is larger than the paper size and if you click on the link below you can view an image of the canvas print compared to the paper version.


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Frame It!

 Frame 6 W Black 22mm £25.14

 Frame 737 Black 22 mm £26.97

 Frame 06 Shiny White 15mm £30.11

 Frame 323 Gold 23mm £32.33

 Frame 6 White Shiny 22mm £37.65

 Frame 223 Blue 22mm £32.86

 Frame 11 Black 29mm £36.72

 Frame 761 White 24mm £32.36

 Frame 286 Gold 28mm £37.51

 Frame 218 Oak 27mm £34.01

 Frame 233 Gold 33mm £38.24

 Frame 6 Red Shiny 13mm £42.45

 Frame 152 Brown 30mm £42.15

 Frame 384 Brown 30mm £42.15

 Frame 208 Black/Silver 30mm £42.43

 Frame 479 White 43mm £44.56

 Frame 208 Brown/Gold 30mm £42.56

 Frame 208 Black/Gold 30mm £42.70

 Frame 431 Black 34mm £57.76

 Frame 305 Gold 22mm £43.28

 Frame 283 Silver 36mm £47.13

 Frame 216 Oak 38mm £48.39

 Frame 719 Black 47mm £47.95

 Frame 499 Brown 40mm £51.77

 Frame Silver/Cream £60.06

 Frame 500 Brown 37mm £60.33

 No Frame