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Larger than Life Yellow Spaniel

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 Frame 6 W Black 22mm 31.80

 Frame 737 Black Textured 22 mm 34.23

 Frame 06 Shiny White 15mm 38.68

 Frame 323 Gold 23 mm 41.32

 Frame 6 White Shiny 23.5 mm 48.39

 Frame 223 Blue 22 mm 42.06

 Frame 11 Black 29mm 46.88

 Frame 761 White Textured 24mm 41.00

 Frame 286 Gold 48.01

 Frame 218 Oak 25.8 mm 44.51

 Frame 233 Gold 33 mm 48.74

 Frame 6 Red Shiny 13mm 55.36

 Frame 152 Brown 30mm 53.99

 Frame 384 Brown 30 mm 53.99

 Frame 208 Black/Silver 30mm 54.35

 Frame 479 White 43mm 56.52

 Frame 208 Brown/Gold 30 mm 54.53

 Frame 208 Black/Gold 54.71

 Frame 431 Black 34mm 42 Depth 57.01

 Frame 305 Gold 55.81

 Frame 283 Silver 36mm 60.27

 Frame 216 Oak 38 mm 62.22

 Frame Canvas Box 53.65

 Frame 719 Black Textured 47 mm 60.73

 Frame 499 Brown 40mm 66.09

 Frame 500 Brown 37mm 77.50

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Release date: October 2008

It's a little difficult to categorise these two new images. To be frank, they were produced originally as promotional works for portraits. To that end, I exhibited the Springer at the CLA Game Fair this year. I must confess, I was overwhelmed by the response to the piece - not only as a portrait, but also its potential as a limited edition print. I then painted the Lab as a companion piece and exhibited this work beside the Springer at the Midland Game Fair in September - with an equally positive response.

As you can see, the images are all face. Not only are they looking directly at the viewer - which itself, I believe, gives them appeal - they are painted a good deal larger than life. Hence the title. I feel this gives them an impact far and beyond life-sized.

The originals are large, 24 inches x 24 inches, and painted on box canvas. When contemplating how to reproduce them, I initially considered printing them on canvas. However, after much deliberation, I decided to stick to what I then knew and published them as paper only. Nevertheless, since their release, I have started producing canvas prints and so they are now available in both formats.

Image size - canvas: 20" x 20"



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