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Geoff Butterworth - Limited Edition Watercolour Art Prints

The early days...

Geoff Butterworth began painting full time in 1980 after a serious motorcycle accident ended his career in Engineering. It was a time when Art was in a Renaissance with many Galleries interested in Local Art and artists were everywhere. It was also the end of the Industrial dominance of Cotton Mills and the age of Steam was a distant memory, this gave the area of the Pennines a fresh new vibrancy as it emerged from its grimy past. Villages took on a fresh new look as more wealth brought a new pride in Homes and surroundings. It was through this transforming period that Geoff Butterworth developed as an artist. He grew up in the small but character-full Pennine Village of Littleborough and started painting the Moors and Houses of the area. The Watercolours he produced in the first months were a learning curve as he began to find his feet as an artist, experimenting with composition and strength of colour and arriving with a stile that stood out from the looser, washy and often amateurish exhibits seen in most Galleries. He was never interested in the title of Local Artist and quickly set about painting the areas he travelled to on his Camera Days. His work quickly drew attention from Galleries in Saddleworth, near Oldham. Stockport and then into Wales, where several Art shops took his work. By 1983 he was staging one man shows at least twice a year, producing a great deal of work that sold for only Tens of pounds, but was gaining much attention and in Saddleworth he had his first near sell out show on the preview. Since those early years Geoff has won many Major Awards in National competitions and been commissioned throughout the World, From America to Australia and large collections in many parts of England.

In 1998 Geoff moved into the 300 year Old Parsonage at Whitworth Lancashire and set up a new Studio.
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My New Car
Tales of the Sea
Birds Eye View Whitby
Lollypop Time
Helping Hands
Running Errands - Very Rare
Little Secrets
Our Grandad - Very Rare
Winter Sports
Picnic at Downham
Rag and Bone
Our Back
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